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Besides performing, some projects Simon is working on include:​

  • Piano Fails - coming up with some classical music jokes. 

  • Simon Composes - composing original works and arranging music.

  • Simon Drops The Beat - doing remixes on classical music excerpts.

  • Piano Practice Frustration - showing the real side of classical pianists' daily practice routine to prove that real success doesn't always come in handy. It takes efforts. 

Piano Fails

Piano Fails is a series of short clips that shows relatable punch for classical pianists and musicians.

Simon Composes

One recent composition is a Mozart Cadenza for Piano Concerto No.24 in C minor, K.491. Other compositions include piano sonatas, songs, folk song arrangements, and more. 
Click on the video for the Mozart Cadenza.

Simon Drops The Beat

The initial inspiration came from a hip hop class in which students were required to create a remix as an assignment. As a classical musician, Simon mixes some modern hip hop beats with classical music elements. 
Click on the video for his recent remix on works by Beethoven.

Piano Practice Frustration

Normally when people post practice videos on social media they always post the best of themselves. Simon, however, aims to present the real struggle of a classical pianist’s practice routine in order to break the stereotypical assumptions that musician performs well because of "talent" instead of "hard work".

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